This week Attorney Alan Edmunds was interviewed and quoted on a Newsweek Magazine article concerning Jared Kushner. Attorney Edmunds has appeared also on CBS Evening News and is a subject matter expert on National Security Clearance matters.

“The real question is, Why hasn’t his clearance been denied?” said Alan Edmunds, a senior attorney specializing in security clearance law at the Edmunds Law Firm. “Of course, the real reason it hasn’t been denied yet is because nobody has the moxie to tell the president his son-in-law can’t be working in the White House, even though he shouldn’t be.”

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Attorney Alan Edmunds has a national reputation for excellent representation in such matters. Mr. Edmunds has written and published two books in the area of national security clearance applications and appeals. Both books are available through the Law Firm websites or His case work is featured on law Firm web sites as well as government web sites displaying his case victories. These have proven to be a great resource for clients.

As investigators pore through Kushner’s documents, he still has access to America’s secrets under his temporary security clearance. And that rankles the nation’s security experts.
“None of this is normal, including the president requesting security clearances for his children,” Edmunds said. “I’ve never known a president to do that.”


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