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Security clearance has always been a complex, highly specialized field of law. In today’s security climate, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain or even to retain a national security clearance. At The Edmunds Law Firm, we realize that your career and your reputation could be on the line. Our nationally ranked security clearance lawyers can help you with the entire spectrum of security clearance problems, including security clearance denials, security clearance appeals, and DOHA declarations.

Our security clearance attorneys have decades of proven experience, earning a national reputation for success, particularly in overcoming security clearance denials. No matter what government agency is involved, no matter the severity of the legal challenges you face, our security clearance lawyers have the skill, tenacity, and matchless insight to help you achieve a positive solution. We have even obtained victories in exceptionally demanding, high-profile cases. Our security clearance lawyers have a history of helping contractors, military personnel, and federal employees throughout the stages of the security clearance. From confidential to top secret, our security clearance lawyers have the skill and the experience it takes to provide the absolute best legal services. Find out how our powerhouse security clearance attorneys can be of service to you.

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Our security clearance lawyers understand how pivotal the application and clearance renewal process can be. There will be a deep dive investigation into every aspect of one’s financial and personal history. When every detail matters, it’s important to have the right security clearance lawyer by your side. It’s important to note that gaining a security clearance is not a lifetime designation. Everything from a ticket for speeding to an outstanding credit card debt can have a clearance revoked.

Our security clearance attorneys promise to work with each client to conduct a carefully planned application and strategy for success. Every step of the process must be approached with complete honesty as failing to maintain a security clearance due to a lie will likely lead to the loss of employment.

We recommend choosing our security clearance lawyers because of our track record of helping hundreds of clients obtain and retain their clearances. In fact, our security clearance lawyers have gone through the process of gaining a security clearance themselves so that they can advise from a place of personal experience.

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    National Security Clearance

    At The Edmunds Law Firm, we can assist clients with the entire spectrum of security clearance cases and problems.


    Security Clearance Appeal

    The security clearance appeals process is much more complicated and involved than the criminal or civil legal appeals process.


    Response to Statement of Reasons (SOR)

    Your efforts to obtain a security clearance can be denied for any reason. Due to the security concerns and constraints of the United States post-9/11, federal agencies default to denial of security clearance when there is any question.


    Drugs & Alcohol

    Evidence of prior drug/alcohol use in your background or a positive drug test could lead you to experience difficulties during your security clearance application process.


    Financial Considerations

    Standard Form 86 (SF-86), a Questionnaire for National Security Positions, will ask questions about your finances when you apply for a job requiring national security clearance.


    A History of Favorable Decisions

    Attorney Edmunds has done over 600 Security Clearance Hearings in just the last 4 years. His record of appearances is kept on the official gov’t web site at DOHA. His victories also appear on his various web sites for client review.

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