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You may require help writing a legal response if you’ve been summoned or have received a complaint against you. If so, you can rely on the lawyers at The Edmunds Law Firm to assist you with this task. Our national security clearance lawyers have been working with clients in writing legal responses for more than 40 years.

Your Written Response Is a Legal Document

When submitting a written legal response, you cannot just sit down and write a letter. A written response is a legal document that can be later used against you if it is not carefully and professionally written. A poorly written or incomplete response can result in your being denied a national security clearance or the right to a hearing. Writing written responses is an integral part of any law practice. At The Edmunds Law Firm we are able to win positive judgments for our clients through a well-written legal response.

  • Examples of successful written legal responses include:
  • A well-written legal response to a security agency enabled an applicant for security clearance to obtain employment by addressing government concerns about his marijuana use and lack of judgment. The applicant did not even need a hearing because the response satisfied the agency’s concerns.
  • The Edmunds Law Firm was able to allay government concerns about the fitness of an applicant for a security clearance because of a divorce and failure to satisfy a debt.
  • Attorneys at The Edmunds Law Firm helped a client who applied for a government security clearance when he applied for contract employment. The client had been let go from a previous job for misconduct. The Edmunds Law Firm was able to show in a written response that the client would indeed be a valuable worker and was able to address the government’s apprehensions about his suitability for employment.
  • A man’s national security clearance was denied because of a gap in employment history, debt, and charges of smuggling steroids into the country from Mexico. Our law firm, through a written legal response, was able to satisfy the government agency’s concerns and obtained his job for him without the need for a hearing.

Written legal responses are required at many levels of the judicial process, whether in cases of national security, family law, or otherwise. Having an experienced, successful lawyer prepare the response is your best approach for attaining your goals. We urge you to contact our nationally ranked firm as soon as possible for assistance.

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