Security Clearance Attorneys

Representing Clients with Excellence Since 1976

The security clearance attorneys at The Edmunds Law Firm have decades of accumulated experience in representing both civilians and members of the military who are seeking security clearances or who are attempting to retain security clearance. A security clearance lawyer with the right experience and skills can make the crucial difference in the outcome of a case. The track record of success at The Edmunds Law Firm shows how much can be done with the right legal representation on your side.

Legal Assistance for Every Stage of the Security Clearance Process

The applicants for security clearances (new or renewal) must complete a very rigorous and often challenging process.

  • Attorney Alan V. Edmunds and his team provide counsel and representation to applicants at any location in the United States, at every step of the security clearance process, including:
  • Properly filling out the SF-86 / e-QIP security clearance application
  • Answering interrogatories
  • Preparation for the investigative interview
  • Assisting in preparing the response to the Statement of Reasons (SOR)/Letter of Intent
  • Preparing a case for hearing/appearance before an administrative judge
  • Representing an applicant at the hearing before an administrative judge
  • Writing an appellate brief if there is an appeal from the decision of the administrative judge

The Importance of Your Security Clearance

Whether you are facing the SF-86 / e-QIP form for the first time or you have had a security clearance for years but are now facing a denial, you should consider receiving legal help. It’s too important to your career and future to try to deal with security clearance issues on your own or with an attorney who doesn’t have the appropriate knowledge and experience. You need a lawyer who is fully prepared to provide advice and assistance.

When Experience Is Crucial

Our success rate at The Edmunds Law Firm has made it one of the most highly respected security clearance firms in the U.S. The firm’s security clearance lawyers have appeared on behalf of clients from Seattle, San Antonio, Washington, New York, and everywhere in between. Applicants from across the country seek out our law firm for elite legal representation, in virtually every type of security clearance case that has been brought by the government.

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Our firm is believed be the most experienced security clearance law firm in the U.S. Even so, we do not charge exorbitant fees, nor does it charge by the hour; it uses a unique flat-fee structure that saves clients a great deal of money, even when their cases are based in a location on the other side of the country. We also offer payment plans.

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