SF-86 Document Preparation

Decades of Experience of SF-86 Document Preparation from Our Security Clearance Attorneys

SF-86 document preparation is one of the most important and fundamental steps in obtaining a security clearance, whether the clearance is being sought from the Department of Defense (DoD), the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Central Intelligence Administration (CIA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), or any other agency. At The Edmunds Law Firm, very thorough, complete and proper SF-86 document preparation is achieved under the supervision and counsel of our experienced security clearance attorneys.

What to Expect from the SF-86 Form

The SF-86 form is sometimes referred to as the generic “security clearance questionnaire.” It can be viewed at the website of the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the agency that provides, reviews, and processes the SF-86. It is a quite extensive questionnaire, even before it’s filled out. Many applicants are surprised at the depth of information the form requires. Some people arrive at a point in the form where they feel unsure of the appropriate answer or unsure of whether they should answer the question at all.

Answers to Your Concerns about SF-86 Preparation

Even if you’re in the midst of the security clearance process (trying to complete the SF-86, facing a personal interview, dealing with a denial based on your answers to the SF-86, etc.) you can consult The Edmunds Law Firm for advice and representation. Almost everyone has something in his or her past that can be a matter of concern under the magnifying glass of a federal agency’s security clearance questionnaire. Our team can help.

Answering Interrogatories, Supplying Documents

An individual cannot actually access the SF-86 to fill it out unless and until he or she has been “invited” to complete the form by a sponsoring agency, such as the DoD. The SF-86 can be completed electronically / online; the OPM’s system for completing the SF-86 this way is named the “e-QIP,” which is short for Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing. In addition, a security clearance applicant may be asked to supply responses to Interrogatories-which may go into quite a level of detail, as well as to supply documents relevant to the questionnaire’s topics. Thus, SF-86 document preparation is often a long, intensive process.

  • Most people do not keep all this SF-86 documentation about their lives, such as:
  • Education from grade school on up
  • Every residence
  • Every job’s complete information
  • Every traffic violation

The SF-86 e-QIP system often uncovers information that even the applicant has forgotten about or overlooked. It’s important to have an accomplished, knowledgeable law firm at your side when you’re completing the SF-86 and dealing with the entire security clearance process.

Discuss the SF-86 with a Skilled Attorney at The Edmunds Law Firm

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