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An individual who wants to obtain or keep a government security clearance will find a rare level of legal ability at The Edmunds Law Firm. With over 40 years of experience successfully representing hundreds of government security clearance applicants, Attorney Alan V. Edmunds has built a nationally respected reputation as a government security clearance lawyer. Learn more about how we can improve and enhance your application.

The Edmunds Law Firm handles government security clearance goals of civilians, active-duty members of the United States military, contractors, and government employees at any location across the United States. Mr. Edmunds has extensive experience in handling matters involving any of the government agencies that issue security clearances at any and all stages of the security clearance process.

Experience, Knowledge & a Record of Success

Obtaining a government security clearance, whether for an individual or a facility, is often a challenge, especially in the current post-9/11 security climate. Because getting or maintaining one’s security clearance has a significant impact on an individual’s future, it is important to have accurate legal counsel and knowledgeable representation when dealing with these types of matters. Mr. Edmunds has garnered a great deal of experience pertaining to government security clearances, to his clients’ benefit.

Government Agencies That Issue Security Clearances

  • Government security clearances are issued by the:
  • Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Department of Energy (DoE)
  • Department of Justice (DoJ)
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

The vast majority of government security clearances are issued by the DoD, which uses the SF-86 application process. An individual’s background and fitness for a security clearance will be investigated by the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management.

  • They will be looking into matters including the applicant’s:
  • Personal identifying data
  • Residence history
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Military service
  • Civil court actions
  • Foreign travel, foreign personal connections
  • Arrests on the local, state, and federal level
  • Financial delinquencies
  • Drug and alcohol involvement
  • Mental health
  • History of any subversive activity
  • Prior government security clearances

Representation at Every Step of the Government Security Clearance Process

  • The Edmunds Law Firm handles cases at every phase of the government security clearance processes, including those at the stage of:
  • Initial consultation
  • Preparation for the security clearance application (Standard Form 86)
  • Security clearance investigation questions
  • Hearing preparation
  • Representation at clearance hearings
  • Responses to Statement of Reasons (SOR)
  • Requests to re-open hearings
  • Filing appeals of adverse decisions

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