Alcohol & Drugs in Security Clearance

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Evidence of prior drug/alcohol use in your background or a positive drug test could lead you to experience difficulties during your security clearance application process. With the right legal help, however, it is possible to successfully obtain or keep a security clearance. The key is effective legal counsel on your side. Our nationwide security clearance attorneys at The Edmunds Law Firm can walk you through this process and help you navigate the requirements and roadblocks.

Drug Use

  • Some potentially disqualifying actions related to drug use include:
  • Contact with / use of any drugs or other controlled substances named in the Controlled Substance Act of 1970
  • History of drug abuse
  • Positive drug test
  • Convictions of drug offenses on your record such as sale, cultivation, manufacture, possession, or distribution
  • Failure to finish a substance abuse treatment program
  • Expression of intent to continue drug use

Your security clearance may be denied since drug use could be evidence of untrustworthiness. Alcoholism and other substance abuse issues can lead to poor judgment and self-control, which would disqualify an applicant from security clearance. Security clearance is the privilege of having access to sensitive information and matters affecting national security.

Alcohol Use & Security Clearance

  • While alcohol is legal, evidence of alcoholism can still be disqualifying; for example:
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Any incidents related to alcohol at work
  • History/reputation of binge drinking or habitual drinking
  • Diagnosis from a qualified medical expert of alcohol dependency/abuse
  • Arrests or incidents such as child abuse, spouse abuse, or disturbing the peace

A DUI on your record could be disqualifying. Various factors could lessen your likelihood of a security clearance denial related to your DUI include:

  • If the incident occurred a long time ago
  • If you can demonstrate that the behavior that led to the DUI is not an accurate representation of your current patterns of behavior
  • If you have since taken steps to move past any substance abuse issues

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Completing a treatment program, attending rehabilitation, or otherwise evidencing intent and effort to overcome any alcohol-related problems could make a difference in your case. You have the right to file an appeal if you were denied security clearance for any reason. It is not uncommon for applications to be denied, especially the first time.

Denials related to alcohol/drug use can be challenging. Our team utilizes thorough preparation, evidence submission, testimonies, and more. Our security clearance attorneys have an incredible success rate in both initial applications and appeals. We know how to do the work to ensure that your application is as strong as possible and your case for clearance is presented accurately. We encourage you to speak with our attorney for security clearance about your options as soon as possible. The Edmunds Law Firm is proud to represent clients across the country.

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