When confronted with a matter concerning your security clearance, you need to make certain you retain the services of an experienced, talented, and respected security clearance attorney. But how are you supposed to find the best security clearance lawyer when there are so many advertising themselves as the “top of their class”? Is there a way you can know if your attorney can really handle a Response to SOR, or do you have to hope that their claims are truthful and accurate?

Don’t Just Guess – Know!

You will probably be thankful to learn that the Defense Office of Hearings & Appeals (DOHA) has already anticipated how many over-boastful security clearance lawyers are out there. On the DOHA website, which is an irrefutable government source of information, you can review all of the attorneys in the country that have handled a Hearing and see their real experience, not what they claim on their marketing outlets. Want to get right to the truth? All you need to do is type their name into the search bar and load the results.

Just don’t be surprised if the attorney you were thinking of hiring completely exaggerated their experience. What would have happened to your career and livelihood if you had been appealing a security clearance denial with an “expert” that was anything but? You may have been about to gamble it all without even knowing it! Ask them why they led you on with false information, and ask yourself if you really want them helping you in this most important of times.

600+ Hearings, 40+ Years of Legal Experience

Alan EdmundsIf you want to see what real experience looks like, we encourage you to use the DOHA website to research Attorney Alan V. Edmunds of The Edmunds Law Firm. With more than 558 Hearings entered into the website’s database (circa October 28th, 2016), Attorney Edmunds has more experience alone than most security law firms have among all of their lawyers combined. When it comes to national security clearance concerns, cases, and inquiries, he is easily ranked in the top attorneys in the entire country.

At The Edmunds Law Firm, you have our promise that we will never mislead you with inflated stories of success. You deserve the truth and nothing but the truth, and this is what we deliver from start to finish. Where other law firms try to hide their reputations, we proudly put it forward, for we know that our prospective clients will see our real experience and call upon us when they need help.

Do you need a security clearance lawyer? Call Attorney Alan Edmunds – who many call “the best security clearance” lawyer – today to request a free initial consultation. We have offices all across the country in multiple states and offer weekend appointments for your convenience. Contact us now to begin your case, or visit keepyoursecurityclearance.com or nationalsecurityclearances.com.

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