Dual Citizenship & Security Clearance

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Attorney Alan Edmunds of The Edmunds Law Firm has represented numerous clients who have dual citizenship and needed to seek national security clearance. He has led people through successful petitions under both DoD 5220.6 and ICPG 704.2, which appear to have similar standards but the language in the regulations make them quite different. No matter what complications are in your way, know that our firm’s security clearance attorney can help you.

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Interpreting Different DoD Regulations

Known across the country as one of “The Best Security Clearance Lawyers” for clients, Attorney Alan Edmunds thrives in the courtroom and can comprehend all aspects of security clearance law. Within ICPG 7014.2, there is the statement: “Being a U.S. citizen and a citizen of another country is not prohibited or disqualifying absent a showing of heightened risks related to national security.” This statement does not appear in DoD 5220.6. Attorney Edmunds has the ability to interpret the law precisely and apply all advantages to your own case.

A Country’s Foreign Involvement is Significant

Many people with dual citizenship hold it with both America and a country widely considered to be a close and trusted ally.

  • Some common allied countries that may offer dual citizenship include:
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Canada
  • Australia

People frequently believe that dual citizenship is easier to achieve if it involves these aforementioned countries and others in the same category. This is both correct and incorrect, as it largely varies from case to case and the foreign country’s current extent of involvement with America. This is exactly where Alan Edmunds and our entire staff excels – interpreting individual cases and finding a solution.

Your Success is Our Success

All dual citizenship cases can be won. It is just a matter of experience, knowledgeability, and courtroom skills to make it happen. If you are worried that your security clearance will be denied – or your loss of clearance will be reported to JPAS, which could result in your immediate termination of employment – you should call the Security Clearance lawyer – Attorney Alan Edmunds. Call (800) 481-2526 now.