When preparing for a security clearance hearing, it is important for you to make the right choice in legal counsel in order to get the right results. At The Edmund Law Firm, we have proven to be the leaders in national security clearance representation and have the client endorsements to prove it. Our security clearance attorneys provide aggressive preparation and counsel to clients around the world, representing deployed military and civilian contractors. In the last four years, Attorney Alan Edmunds has appeared in over 580 global security clearance cases. To verify his extensive experience with these types of cases, go to the official DOHA government website and type in his name. Keep attorneys accountable and verify their actual experience by typing in their name.

Our law firm has clients in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. There are several ways we work with clients to address the global, remote aspect, which include:

  1. Clients can choose to appear at the Hearing via VTC
  2. Clients can choose to appear personally from location or in the United States
  3. Attorney Edmunds can travel to the client location for convenience as well.
  4. We also offer our clients different locations to meet in the United States, depending on their home of record and witness location.

Our attorneys are busy and active in a number of US cities. This week alone, Alan Edmunds was in Boston for various national security clearance cases, while Ryan Nerney was in Seattle addressing other clients’ security clearance cases. Due to our extensive experience, we know both government attorneys, Judges, and Hearing Officers for the DOHA, DOE, NSA, DIA, NRO, and CIA. While it is certainly impossible to promise victory, The Edmunds Law Firm can promise consistency and outstanding customer service. Let our experience benefit your case today!

If you have concerns aboutResponse to SOR/LOI,Security Clearance Appeal, Security Clearance Hearings, or SF 86, call today 800.481.2526 to discuss your case. We understand the importance of your career, so let us protect it!