High profile release of sensitive information about Ashley Madison online users, an online dating site focused on extramarital affairs, included an estimated 15,000 .gov and .mil email addresses.

Employees from the departments of State, Defense, Justice and Homeland Security were included, along with others government computer networks. There were hundreds of clients for the adultery network in the Department of Defense, including some who actually worked at the Pentagon.

The data leaks at the cheating web site Ashley Madison is creating serious problems for holders of national security clearances. The DoD is taking this event as a possible threat to national security. This country’s leading security clearance lawyer, Alan Edmunds, is providing guidance to people involved with this issue and also discussing reporting requirements.

DoD concern is found in Guideline D: Sexual Behavior and Guideline E: Personal Conduct of the Directive 5220.6. Implication can be severe for your security clearance

DoD is reviewing your security clearance on a continuous monitoring program. Data banks are being scanned on a regular basis. FSO’s are calling employees for interviews. Be careful!!

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