We know what you are going through. Frustration…Anger…Confusion…all these emotions come into play and more, especially when you are unfamiliar with the Security Clearance Revocation Procedures. All of a sudden you are thrown into a situation you are unprepared to deal with. It is rare that we find ourselves having to defend some of the things in our life that we find, pretty standard, or pretty small. This is made worse when you don’t know what is going on. We will try to help you here, a bit by getting you up to speed on the Security Clearance Revocation Procedures. However, nothing is worth going at this alone. When your livelihood is in jeopardy, you need to call an attorney, up front.

Security Revocation Procedures

  1. Security Clearance Revocation Procedures – Initial Finding: The first step when your security clearance is being revoked is that you will receive a Statement of Reasons (SOR). It will tell you exactly why your security clearance is called into question.
  2. Security Clearance Revocation Procedures – Written Response: You, or hopefully, your attorney, will need to write a written response. You want it to be in the correct format so that it covers all aspect you need to address. Your response may be sufficient to regain your security clearance. It may not. If not, you proceed to step 3.
  3. Security Clearance Revocation Procedures – DOHA Hearing: If the written response was insufficient, you will need to prepare and attend a Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA) Hearing. If you haven’t retained an attorney, to prepare your response, now is the time! An appeal brief must be written that contains very specific, and vital parts. Administratively, you are allowed to have an attorney represent you at this hearing. It is a good idea to take advantage of this.
  4. Security Clearance Revocation Procedures – Final Determination: This hearing, coupled with the brief, hopefully prepared by an expert attorney, will determine whether or not you can keep your security clearance.

Let’s not play games with your livelihood, folks. Even though you know these basic security clearance revocation procedures, you need some help in this desperate time. You need attorneys who have been down this path before and know the procedures inside and out. You need the attorneys at the Edmunds Law Firm.