The Edmunds Law Firm, a global leader in national security clearance cases helps clients around the globe who are applying for a security clearance. The question often arises – what are the Security Clearance Requirements for a clearance. The ultimate question is whether it is clearly consistent with the national interest to grant a security clearance.

There are several factors that the government considers in reaching a decision. Adjudicative guidelines exist for all U.S. government civilian and military applicants. The process itself is an examination of a sufficient period of an applicants life to determine if that person is an acceptable security risk. Attorney Alan Edmunds, one of this countries Top National Security Clearance Lawyers, helps clients establish and demonstrate that they are not a risk to national security.

The most common concerns the government raises include, Foreign Influence and Foreign Preference, Sexual Behavior, Financial Consideration, Drug Involvement and Handling Protected Information. Attorney Edmunds has won favorable decisions for clients in all of these areas. If you have questions or need help call 800 481 2526