I cannot emphasize the need to read your Standard Form-86 (SF-86) completely and thoroughly. You want your security clearance, don’t you? However, it is part of the human experience that when we are faced with a monumental task, like a 17 page questionnaire about our life, we want to skim the instructions and get right to answering the questions. I know, you want it done. I feel for you. The problem is that there are pieces of the puzzle that, if you don’t read carefully, you will answer inaccurately. Your inaccurate response could trigger a Statement of Reasons (SOR) and may cost you your security clearance. One of those important particulars is the timing on your SF-86.

If you even read the first page of instructions, “Special Instructions for Completing This Form”…many of you don’t, hence, the caveat, you will see that it designates specific time periods they are requesting information about. The attorneys at the Edmunds Law Firm know all about timing on your SF-86. If this beginning step is overwhelming, call us today.

What is the upfront timing on your SF-86?

The special instructions tell us that the SF-86 requires information from the last seven years and a single scope investigation from the last ten years. Seems pretty up front, if you read the instructions. However, you would be wrong. It is very, very tricky.

What are the tricky parts to timing of your SF-86?

Some questions do not follow the seven/ten rule they gave you in the special instructions. They are questions that start out, “Have you ever….” There are also questions that give very specific timing requirements, like the section on debts.

Don’t get caught not answering questions incorrectly. That is grounds for issuing an SOR. If you are questioning the timing on your SF-86, I can’t emphasize enough, the need for a knowledgeable attorney to guide you in filling out this complex form. Call The Edmunds Law Firm before you get an SOR.